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Hivealive Lamp

Light Design

Hivealive is a growing light and plant pot ecosystem inspired by the honeycomb structure. Echoing the teachings of the Slow Food Movement, the ecosystem combines sleek aesthetics with the pleasant experiences that people enjoy when eating their own home grown fruit and vegetables.

Hivealive lamp ecosystem allows people to grow at home

When the Slow Food Movement was founded in Bra, over 30 years ago, it built two pillars as the fundamental components of action as a collective; emotional intelligence and abolishing the governance of austerity. These two areas continue to be huge topics of discussion, particularly in the last decade, with an emphasis placed on them by the current generation of young people coming through. They are particularly evident throughout the continent with the rise of veganism, as people continue to grow more aware socially of the detrimental environmental impact and health benefits of over-consuming meat produce. 

Honeycomb structure design of lamps complement grow containers

The grow lamp features 16 integrated LED lights within each hexagon (48 total) that have five adjustable brightness levels to allow users to cater for the growing needs of different fruit and vegetables. The light can be set-up for 3 hours, 9 hours or 12 hours according to plants requirements, and can be powered autonomously with Android or iOS devices; allowing the user to leave their home, and know that their own produce is being cared for. The ecosystem's plant pot also features a honeycomb-styled form that reflects the three height levels of each part of the light, creating an aesthetic that appears to be in harmony.

User can power their lamp autonomously from a range of smart devices   

Applying an elegant form to the Hivealive ecosystem's design creates an attractive feature for the user's interior that can be celebrated with friends, family, and visitors, while spreading awareness of the importance to grow produce at home. A large focus was placed on creating a product with an elegant, yet undestated form, in order to suit the style of many interior designs. The final product aims to attract a broad demographic of people and their interiors, as growing fruit and vegetables merits owning a product with a tasteful design. When introducing the lamp into the home, the user be adding to their collection of interior decorations, plus they will also be given the opportunity to care and tend to their produce and experiment with it when cooking. This will enhance their quality of life, while reducing the vast quantity of food products in the planet that are wasted.

Category Light Design
Year 2019
Material Sterling Silver / Resin
Dimension Custom sizing
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