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I hope that you enjoy viewing my portfolio with as much pleasure as I have had creating it.                    
Martin Hislop — Product Design + Editorial Work

Born in Dunfermline in 1990, from parents whom are both Scottish. I grew up in Glasgow and started architectural studies in Edinburgh.

I live and work in London, while I have worked in Milan and Paris as an editor and have written over 750 articles. During this time I have interviewed many high ranking figures within the design sphere, plus my editorial style was recirculated in TIME Magazine.

My work comprises a multitude of creative industries from product design, technology, art, graphic design, to music & media.

In 2014, my digital art work was exhibited and credited in TATE Britain’s exhibition exploring the rise of social media platforms in modern society.

Recently, I have been completed my Product Design & Innovation degree at The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

I am interested in editing & storytelling, smart technologies that encourage users to ‘switch off', recycling materials during the development of useful products, in addition to travelling, exploring, writing and photography.

On a personal level, I love all things design, architecture, art, cooking, outdoors, performance and music.

Selected Features
Streamtrain Elliptical Trainer : Journal Du Design 2019
Soundcast Audio System + Interview : Blog Esprit Design 2018
Streamtrain Elliptical Trainer : Blog Esprit Design 2017
Brewtalist Cup : Journal Du Design 2017
White There : NME Magazine 2014

Editorials : designboom
Alejandro Aravena Discusses His Curation of the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale
Design Indaba Conference Speaker Erik Kessels on the Importance of Making Errors
Mini Vision Next 100 Interview With Exterior Designer Christopher Weil
World's First Non-Rectangular Football Field Built in Thailand
Lotus C-01 Motorcycle: A Pristine Example at Monterey Car Week
Bandit9 EVE MK II Motorcycle Exclusively for the M.A.D. gallery
Mag-Lev Audio Creates the World's First Levitating Turntable
Mercedes-Maybach 6: Cabriolet Concept: The Study of a 6 Meter Electric Vehicle
Elvis' BMW 507 Restored to Its Majestic Former Glory

Fergaal collage : TATE Britain


+44 7488 550 620

110 Albyn Road,
London, SE8 4ED

Martin Hislop  © 2020
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