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Streamtrain Elliptical Trainer

Fitness Equipment

Streamtrain is the world’s most design focused compact elliptical trainer – with more than 200 possible Pantone ® colour configurations. This aesthetic versatility means that people can create their own unique, personalised fitness product that fits their home interior design, while enabling a smooth exercising motion that can be adapted to fit a variety of users.

Designing an elliptical trainer with an unwavering focus on aesthetics

The elliptical trainer’s design is influenced by Sir Nigel Gresley’s ‘Mallard’ (1938) which currently holds the world record for the fastest locomotive steam train (126 mph), and the world’s fastest car from 2015, the Bugatti ‘Chiron’. The sculpted forms that can be found in these iconic products have transcended time, and have created an ever-present image in peoples’ minds. Through building on these unmistakeable forms, Streamtrain One is crafted with a design that carries a timeless nature.

Inspired by the 1938 Mallard locomotive steam train and the 2015 Bugatti Chiron

For fitness enthusiasts, this means the opportunity to adapt and tailor fitness equipment to complement the home interior design; from decoration in the bedroom, to enhancing the living room’s character, Streamtrain promises an engaging experience for people exercising with it, and those admiring its undulating lines. For business owners, it means that their boutique gyms can be represented with luxury for their clients; an elliptical trainer that reflects the athletic image that people strive to achieve, while managing their fitness goals. Through offering people equipment they can embrace cognitively, this proposes return trips to the gym with first-class feedback.

The elliptical has been designed to slot into any interior setting seamlessly

With Streamtrain, we have focused on creating a new elliptical trainer to introduce customisable fitness equipment with a form that will fit into any room in the home, be celebrated, and age elegantly. That’s why we came up with this idea of building on the shapes found in two of the fastest machines in modern history, to maintain a timeless aesthetic.

Streamtrain was featured in L’ÉquipeBlog Esprit Design, Journal Du Design, and Design + Magazine.

Category Fitness Equipment
Year 2018 — present
Material Anodized Aluminium / Polypropylene
Dimension 1685mm x 675mm x 1735mm
Martin Hislop  © 2024
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