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ONNO  Smart Ring

Wearable Technology

ONNO is a smart ring that people can wear on their index finger, or thumb, and features integrated technology that tracks every smartphone interaction by measuring the number of swipes and calculating this as a distance. It's like a fitbit for the thumb, made to be worn by people with mobile phone dependence issues. Once the smart ring has been connected to a smartphone, it offers real-time information that helps the user to reduce their screen time.

Designing smart wearables for digital wellbeing

The smart ring can track each of the users swipes and the distance they travel while swiping, and measures this against how far they have walked throughout the day. The accompanying mobile application offers the user tips and visual indicators, should their screen time exceed their desired level.

Qi Wireless Charging compatible with any device

The most significant discovery made during the smartring’s development is that people who continually overuse smartphones (4+ hours per day) are at risk of inhibiting the production of grey matter in their brains; thus affecting their sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, muscle control, speech, decision making, and self-control.

Smartphone application allows user to reduce their screen time

ONNO is an intuitive, discrete, fashionable way for users to aleviate this problem through tracking their own smartphone habits, allowing them to swip less and live more in the present moment. The accompanying application for Android and iOS smartphones features a unique setting that can reduce colour saturation on-screen either once the swipe limit has been reached instantly, or progressively as the swipe number increases.

Smartphone application can reduce saturation to help the user put their phone down 

Following an interval of testing for five minutes, a user had amassed a total of 211 swipes, and 47.37 feet, 14.44 meters from scrolling on their smartphone. The user was surprised at the number of swipe interactions they had been making, and by their own admission, 'shocked to see how far it actually is'. The test was carried out a further four times to capture more data and it was discovered that the number of swipes they were making had gradually reduced by 19% at the end of the final experiment.

User one wearing proof of concept model for experiment

The experiment was then conducted in the same conditions with nine more participants aged 16 - 55 for further analysis. Each of the users wore the concept model on their thumb and proceeded to use their smartphone for five minutes while the hardware collected their swipe data. Following the first test, we carried it out four more times and noticed that the number of swipes had an average of a 20% decrease by the end of the final round.

 Proof of concept Arduino configuration

Having learned this crucial feedback, the complete ONNO system essentially acts as a direct visual indicator that reminds users of their own grey matter. If they would like to have the colour on the smartphone’s screen back, they can simply put their phone down and stop scrolling, or go for a walk. ONNO’s activity tracker can measure this data, and will bring the colour back to the user’s phone screen when their mind is relaxed.

Exploded view of the smart ring’s assembly and components

Category Wearable Technology
Year 2019
Material Sterling Silver / Resin
Dimension Bespoke fitting

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