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GTIron Clothes Iron

Domestic Appliance

GTIron is the world’s first clothes iron with an autonomous ironing function, while it also embraces historical design cues from automotive design. The domestic appliance features automatic steam optimisation, autonomous ironing, an advanced motion sensor, plus an ergonomic hand grip influenced by car interiors.

The iron takes design cues from automotive design with autonomous functionality

GTIron’s design is influenced by Lamborghini ‘Countach’ designer, Marcello Gandini’s ‘Stratos Zero’ concept car (1970) for Bertone, and the 'Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6' by Gorden Wagener, Daimler's chief design officer. Through creating an evolution of these automobiles iconic exteriors, GTIron is engineered with an unmistakeable form that carries a timeless nature.

The iron’s form is influenced by classic car design

The iron doesn't feature any temperature setting dials as it doesn’t require any. Instead, it can intelligently optimise its temperature no matter what fabric people are ironing; heavy denim, soft cottons, or even fine silk. This integrated technology can even allow the user to leave their iron face down on clothes and it won’t burn, or leave any marks, on the fabric.

GTIron features intelligent temperature optimisation

GTIron also comes with a unique function: Autonomous Ironing. Similar to a self driving vehicle, the iron features sensors embedded around the titanium soleplate that detects the path of the item of clothing it is working with, and switches the steam off as soon as it has completed its job. This enables the user to focus other things, while their iron takes care of all of the work.

CategoryElectrical Appliance
Year 2018
Material Plastic / Polyurethane soft touch coating / Titanium
Dimension330mm x 175mm x 135mm

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